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Hazelnut Data is a trusted name in the staffing support industry and is committed to aligning the perfect candidates with positions they will truly thrive in. At Hazelnut Data, our devotion to achieving excellence starts with people. Finding the right kinds of people to fill the most important roles in your company is essential to ongoing success. It seems like such a simple recipe, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. We here at Hazelnut Data can help you find the missing ingredients you need to attain and exceed your goals, be they ‘securing a rewarding position’ or blasting last quarter’s sales figures out of the water. Hazelnut Data’s mission statement hinges upon the concept of reciprocity and pairing the right prospective employee with a position that will be equally rewarding to both employee and employer. We aren’t happy, unless you are.

Hazelnut Data’s staffing branch puts the health and safety of employees at the top of their list. We adhere to all guidelines related to pandemic safety during these unprecedented times. Rest assured, however, that we also recognize employees are the lifeblood of a company. We are devoted to ensuring your operations remain as uninterrupted as possible and continue to move along seamlessly.

All of our professionals are available for remote and/or virtual work positions, and can communicate by way of phone/email. We’ve also implemented virtual onboarding as a cautionary measure to safeguard everyone’s health. These procedures will allow us to expand our capacity at a time of uncertainty and make sure there are still perfect matches waiting to be made between job-seekers and the companies relying upon them.


Temporary employees are just as important as any other employee, and just as integral to the clients we serve. We pride ourselves on our ability to expertly analyze the needs of an employer and fill whatever available vacancies are their top-priority with top-quality candidates, be they temporary gigs or permanent placements.


We know the great need of different companies to have the right people in the right roles. We employ numerous virtual employees using the same exact process we use for all our employer clientele, meaning you’re getting the same exacting, precise, quality screening process we ourselves apply to find the cream of the crop and get them started working toward your company’s ongoing success.

I’ve been with Hazelnut Data for a few months now and I’m amazed at how fast they were able to find a position for me that I not only excel in, but also find personally fulfilling and enjoyable. I’m grateful.
– T.S., Admin Support

Thank you for expressing interest in Hazelnut Data’s Employment & Staffing Services. Founded on the cornerstone of providing service and support, completely customized to the client’s needs, we excel when it comes to connecting employers with the right employees. Specializing in permanent placement, short-term/temporary staffing, temp-to-hire placements and freelancing services, we’re certain we’ll find the right fit for everyone.

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