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Participate in our nationwide research survey, groups, etc. From the comfort of your home. No traveling required.

Use your opinion to influence decision makers on products and services that matter. Make a real difference doing interesting things and get paid for your time and opinions.

Hazelnut Data is looking for all types of people in all areas to participate in research studies. From simple to more involved ones. Sign up by filling out the form below or email us:

Do you buy clothes, listen to the radio, shop online, use social media, a bank, etc? If you do, you can participate in paid research.


How To Sign Up

Step 1. Fill out the form below and you will be sent a word document to fill out some information that only takes a minute.

Step 2. Send us back that form by hitting reply or emailing us at:

Step 3: You are added to our database and sit back, relax and we will contact you when we have research studies available for you. We are constantly recruiting for studies, so it shouldn’t be long before we reach out to you.