Industry Experience

At Hazelnutdata we have experience in multiple niches and categories. From beverages, foods, vitamins, cosmetics, pet foods, pet products, houseware, flatware, construction … you name it. We probably have worked multiple times in your industry. So, feel free to reach out and contact us to learn more.

Find the “why” behind food and drink decisions

Marking requests, nibbling events, practical nourishments, cannabis-imbued, plant-based protein… and the rundown goes on! It’s a critical misrepresentation of the truth to say that food and refreshment purchasers are progressively intricate in their item and bundling prerequisites and yearnings.

With years’ of experience, we comprehend the intricacies of directing food and refreshment research. From season of day testing for certain nutrition classes to suitable serving temperature, from event based utilization to sound v. healthy insights, we’ve directed exploration for essentially every food and refreshment class and all through all aspects of the item life cycle.

Make an amazing individual story to sell your product

Perfect and green fixings, socially-cognizant decisions, altered item encounters. . .Our work enlightens the individual and outside effects on purchaser’s choices for their own consideration items.

From textural signs to apparent viability, from in-home to in-lab testing contrasts, from adjusted enrolling for skin/hair types to developing exploration that reveals the body care insight, our mastery incorporates the tangible and optimistic components of individual consideration items.

Enlighten pet parent inclinations and desires

In an inexorably unpleasant world, purchasers depend on solace and consolation from their pets. Thus, really focusing on those pets regularly envelops individual, optimistic components, for example, wellbeing, health, supportability and straightforwardness.

From premium nourishments to comprehensive items, from senior consideration to refined frill, we carry years of mastery to the pet consideration industry. We dominate at investigating the passionate associations that uncover the genuine sparks for item decisions.